We currently raise three different breeds of rabbit. Our first and primary rabbit that we breed is the rex. The rex has a soft silky like fur that is unique to it’s breed.

  Next we have the Holland Lop. This breed has the floppy ears that hang down unlike the typical rabbit ears.

  Lastly we breed the Creme D’Argent. the rabbits both to this particular breed all have a creme colored fur. They are each beautiful and have wonderful personalities, as do all of our breeds.

  Please click the picture to the right to view the individual bunnies we have available.


  Our goats are bottle fed and love to socialize. In the future we plan to begin a breeding program in which we will breed Nigerian dwarf crossed with pygmy. They will be bottle fed to give them the chance to bond with people. They will also be nursed from their mother to insure good health. Most importantly they will be loved from birth till they leave the farm to go to their new homes. 

  Please click the picture to the left to view the individual goats we have available.


  We have a wide variety of poultry here at Juniper. Our birds range from chickens, ducks, geese and guineas. In the future we hope to offer quail as well. 

  Please click the picture to the right to view the individual birds we have available.

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