Welcome to the new Juniper Farms! Our goal is to foster a community of like minded individuals and families. So please share our website with everyone you know that would benefit from and enjoy what we have to offer. We have opened up a message forum for anyone and everyone. You can be local or from around the world. In the nav menu you will find the link to our forum. The forum is a great place to find helpful tips, tricks, and to discuss new ideas. Please feel free to join and get some great discussions started. We are extremely excited to say that Juniper farms is always growing, so please feel free to post any suggestions for us in the suggestion area. We will do our best to reply to every post. Please Enjoy!

-The Juniper Farms Family

"Juniper Farms is one of the best local family owned farms to purchase free range eggs at a great price! You can also pick up a new family pet while your there. Can't beat that!"
Matt Hite