Who is Juniper Farms

  Two years ago our family of six was struck with devastation. it has taken a while but in the midst of our healing, we found a joy a love for God’s creation that we never had paid attention to before. We see the evidence of God in His creation daily. Raising these precious critters has given us a chance to bond more each day as a family. Although we experience death with raising animals we also get to experience new life. The joy that brings to each one of us is astounding. We love seeing the smiles and excitement our children have when they hold one of these creatures that depend on them for safety.

Instead of a thorn bush, a Juniper will grow….

-Is 55:13

  God speaks of a tree that can thrive in wastelands. A tree that when there are only rocks for it to root in, it survives and grows tall and strong. 

  Though sometimes we feel like we will never be whole again, God has given us this opportunity to fill our hearts with the joy of His creation and we are running full speed with it. His love is abundantly great and we will always praise Him

  There is no thorn bush here any longer!

  That’s how we have become Juniper Farms

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